Broadband price comparison in New Zealand

Broadband price comparison in New Zealand is a relatively new phenomenon that is trying to recreate much of the broadband comparison hype that has occurred with websites comparing broadband and other internet or telecoms services in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Initially this mantle was carried by the non-for profit organisation Consumer which has a telecoms comparison website called TelMe. Having “me” at the end of course is a major trend in New Zealand due to the ever popular auction website Trademe. But Consumer soon gave up the broadband and other telecoms comparison cause.

Since then there have been a number of websites that provide broadband comparison such as myCompare, Glimp and broadbandcomapre. Though only one of these, provides a comparison of a range of telecoms products. They compare broadband and they also compare cheap calls to international destinations and are currently working on a mobile plan comparison service too.

For more info on broadband plans in New Zealand we recommend visiting myCompare as they have a simple and user friendly site that is easy to navigate and get the info you need from.

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